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Project Quince 

Hosted by Penelope Bellerjeau: Penelope Foundation Inc.

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Heading 6 and I have partnered for several giveaways! The giveaways are open to any teen celebrating their 15th or 16th birthday in 2023. All you have to do is fill out the form below,  and nominate your favorite soon to be 15/16yr old. Tell us a little bit about who you are nominating and why, the date of their celebration (include a photo) 


Be sure to follow the social media pages for giveaway updates and more! 

This giveaway is for a tiara valued at more than $200

Only submit if the nominated teen does not have a tiara

The winner will be contacted and announced on 2/14/2023

Please include parental contact information

Self-love and self-awareness is something many teens struggle with. If the teen you nominate had to give advice to teenage girls about self-love, what do you think she would say?


Be sure to fill out the entire form in order to qualify.

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Thanks for submitting!
H&M Emily Ogle (IG:EmaleenaStyles)
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