365 New Chances

Everyday is a chance to begin again...

That is my approach for 2021.

Now that I am 15, there are so many different things to look forward to; driving, a summer job and so much more. For example graduating high school and going to college (still a few years away, but exciting) Recently, I have been creating vison boards for myself. It is very motivating, I love to have a visual of my goals! Below I included a vision board checklist.

Here are just two hints of what I am looking forward to cross off of my 2021 vision board.

16th Birthday Gift

2021 Summer Job/Spend all Summer down the shore

This Summer I plan to surf everyday, work at the surf shop and get a new board.

Can't wait to share my vision board with you!

Stay tuned!

Here are some vision board ideas!

Get inspired and pin your goals visually, make it happen because you can!

"The best is yet to come"

See you next Sunday!



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