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Today's topic is Teen Fashion

Okay, imagine being 4ft 10 and being told by your doctor you have reached your growth potential! Yep, confirmed the week of Christmas (blood work and x-ray tests). BTW I was terrified! Sure, it's slightly disappointing but, things could have been worse.


"I'm not short. I'm a people McNugget"

Let's talk fashion! If you can relate, then you know it can be hard to shop sometimes while trying to look age appropriate - after all, I am 15!

Now you might be thinking, "Girl, I want clothes that will make me look my age." Trust me, me too and that is exactly what I thought at first, which is why I wanted to write a Teen Fashion blog, for those that can relate. Don't give up! Shop around! Online shopping has way more options and it's less stressful.

Don't feel bad if you have to shop in the kids section! ZaraKids is my go to (trendy), I can shop at teen stores for tops (mostly just hoodies but that's ok). It's not the size, or where you buy, it's all on how you put it together.

Here is an outfit I put together Zara Kids Sweater & Jeans, Vans, MK Crossbody.

I got so many compliments! Trendy and my size...hehe

What about formal wear etc? (we will get into that on another blog post) This was my New Years Eve birthday outfit I put together. Yes, it's a ZaraKids dress ... Size 11/12 to be exact (hehe). I paired it up with these super cute MK heels, I felt good wearing this look.

Don't get discouraged by your size, there truly is a look for everyone. You may have to get creative, but that's the fun part about fashion. Be confident, love yourself and own your uniqueness.




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