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"Smelly Socks"

It's that time of year again! Can I tell you though, I am mostly excited that I DO NOT have to wear a school uniform this year. Ugh, uniform socks are THE worse - or is it the shoes? I swear it's like having a skunk living in your shoes (insert green face emoji). I literally owned like 100 (ok maybe 50) uniform socks, yet my feet always smelled sooooooooooo bad.... haha. Only happened with uniform shoes/socks... so weird. Ok, let's move on. Uniform free this year!!! Woot!

Back story - I recently had to get a physical for school sports. You guys, I am 4ft 9 ... I'm like a life size Polly Pocket doll (LOL google it)

I really don't want to focus on my height, but I know first hand how tough it is to be 15 and short when it comes to wardrobe. Here are a few tips:

*First tip: Don't focus on height/size. Love all of you...

*Second tip: If you are being teased for your height, short or tall, please try not to entertain someone else's problem with themselves. I know it hurts, trust me - I've been called many names because of my height, I know how it feels.

*Third tip: Have fun shopping! Trust me, you can find some pretty cool clothes in kids sizes, it's all on how you put it together.

Check this look out:

Teen look, kids size

I'll be 16 in 4 months, it's tough shopping at trendy stores for my age.

Love this look? Here's what I did:

Top: Zara Kids

I bought a size up for the baggy / "mini denim dress" look (this is really a shirt). It's a size kids 13-14. I paired it with a rope belt from ROXY girls. I wore navy "cheer" shorts (fitted) under the "shirt dress". I kept a button or two open for a relaxed look.

Shoes: Converse Platform (Nordstrom)

So glad platform sneakers are trending. Super cute and in style, helps us add a few inches to our height ;)


MK clutch

PuraVida earrings


Remember, there is no such thing as perfect. You are beautiful just the way you are.