Find a reason to smile...

It was just a year ago when COVID was becoming a serious pandemic. School was let out, hanging out with friends was very limited. I considered myself blessed to be able to interact with a few friends in person. Life changed, for all of us. We found ways to make it work. Some of us still struggled, but we made sure we were there for one another. I think we can all agree that COVID has changed our lives forever. We've had to adjust to staying home, online school, zoom dance etc. I'm sure like me, you planned FaceTime group chats with your friends, in order to stay connected. Crafting on FaceTime for hrs, planning what we would do once COVID ended, picked out the cutest outfits for your next FaceTime call, made an endless amount of tiktok videos (I think we all splurged on led lights just for our tiktoks too lol), we celebrated each others birthdays privately or through FaceTime, 8th grade graduation consisted of drive-by parades, friends texting/calling or sending us gifts to let us know they cared. We figured it out, we figured out ways to stay connected when COVID kept us apart. Every interaction with a friend both physical or through face-time was so important. Ultimately, our friends are the ones that got us through one of the toughest years we would all have gone through together, thank them.

March 14, 2021, a year later - approaching yet another end of school year under COVID restrictions. Some of us were able to get back to in person school (lucky) some of us had no choice and continue with online learning. One of the things I miss/missed the most was in person learning. As a freshman in High School, there were so many things I wanted to do and looked forward to. There is always Sophomore year...

We struggled, yet we still found a reason to smile.

Love, Penelope

See you next Sunday!

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