Imagine planning a traditional event during a worldwide pandemic.

I wanted to write a blog about my dress shopping experience because while many "negative" things happened throughout my own personal Quince journey, a lot of beautiful things came out of it too. Sometimes, we focus on those things that make us sad, disappoint us or worry us, but hidden in the days/weeks to come are beautiful experiences ❤️.

2019, I I turned 14. FINALLY, I could plan my Quinceañera. Like officially! I was SOO excited. I started my dress shopping journey on March 2020. Sadly, COVID happened. Dress shopping became a challenging experience, eventually, dress shopping was paused.

In August, my mom and I planned a trip to NJ (Elegant Boutique). I have to say, this store is so amazing. The second I walked in to this store, I was amazed. Pink walls, chandeliers, floral wall (if you visit the store, take pics in front of the wall... I love that wall, it's so pretty), so many beautiful gowns. It definitely had the Quinceañera vibe. I just knew this time, I would leave knowing I had a gown fit for me.

Sophia the first vibes in this pic... 😊

One of the most exciting things to look forward to when shopping for a quince gown, is trying on dresses. Enjoy your time trying on gowns!!! I on the other hand, fell in love with a dress out of one of their catalogues. It was perfect. I wanted something simple and elegant. It was ordered in August 2020, it wouldn't arrive till February 2021. I was a little worried, but the owner assured us that it would arrive by February. SO EXCITED!

Let's fast forward to December. My birthday month! We were shooting a YouTube video for the boutiques channel, and in the middle of filming they brought out "the final dress for the video shoot". Surprise! My dress arrived, I had no idea! Finally, I was able to physically see my dress in person, try it on and twirl like a Quince Queen! This was the highlight of my day for sure.

When I saw my dress, I cried...

"Good things come to those who wait"

Be patient, have fun and make the best out of all situations. I would have never imagined, my quince dress shopping experience, would open so many doors for me.

Elegant Boutique (, thank you so much for making this experience memorable. Also for inviting me to interview with Good Morning America, on planning a Quince during a pandemic.

Stay tuned, for more Quince/Teen talk....



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