It's the imperfection that leads to beauty

"Body Love"

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As teens, we can relate on so many issues. Let's talk about body love, self love and acceptance.

Imagine being judged by someone based off of our appearance and or abilities. A side from what people can see on the outside, many times we miss out on what someone can offer, because of judgement. I want to assure you that how others judge you, does not define you. It is not who you are, or what they think you are.

I am judged constantly. I understand how it feels. I get judged on how I dance for example (one of many judgements) see, but what they don't know is that I dance because I am able to communicate all kinds of feelings, it's therapy for me. I don't dance for validation, and so what others say no longer affects me.

It takes courage to be yourself, to love yourself even in the midst of rejection. We are so caught up with social media standards. I am here to tell you, while it hurts, it makes us question who we are, our purpose, and our abilities. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

No one is perfect, I mean NO ONE. Sure, we can change what we look like or who we are for acceptance, but that is a temporary fulfillment. Everyone's definition of perfect is different. Own your perfect! Be happy in your own skin, wear what makes you feel good, regardless of what anyone has to say. If you didn't book the job it's ok, it is not a reflection of your talents. If you had a dress in mind and it didn't come in your size, no worries it just wasn't the dress for you. Change your mindset, your perspective. Learn to love yourself. Every fiber of your being, every mistake, every missed step, every bump in your body, every "imperfection" seen by others. Just love it, embrace it.

I am 15yrs old , 4ft 10 - guess how I "adjust" my height? A nice pair of heels and platform sneakers. When people say "I can't" I laugh and prove them wrong.

Flaws are beautiful, it's what makes us human. "It's the imperfection that leads to beauty".

My mom has always taught me to be real, to be raw with my feelings and to be authentic.

Some of my peers haven't been accepting of me either and so many can relate to that. Not everyone understands my passion for the arts, dance, writing, teen outreach. Not everyone understands my quirky side. It hasn't been easy for me either, but that is ok. They don't have to, I understand it and that is all that matters.

Love yourself, inspire others, support your friends, be authentic and believe in yourself. Judge less, understand and love more.

To my readers that have been submitting, thank you! I hope this helps a little.

Love, Penelope

See you next Sunday!

"Own your journey"

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