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Let's FLY....

Flying is risky in cheer. But so is falling in love. Right?! You fall, you get hurt, but you eventually bounce back.

6th/7th grade (Throwback)

It takes a lot of courage to be tossed in the air and trust that you’re not going to fall and get injured (because that’s the ultimate risk we all knowingly take). All of us, it doesn't matter what position on the team you have, we all risk getting hurt. Just like love, it takes courage to give your heart to someone and trust that they’ll take care of it.

5th-6th grade (Throwback)

We do these things anyway, right? We fall in love, we play sports, we take dance classes (I’ve had a few twisted ankles with dance too, but it never kept me from dancing) So why not fly?! or cheer at all? Because while physical pain from a fall, a concussion etc hurt, and then force us to sit out at games etc - maybe that’s the perfect time to reflect on ourselves. “What could I have done differently”, “How can I protect myself and my teammates next time”.

6th grade (Throwback)

I’ve had 3 injuries all within a year while cheerleading in the last year. Am I going to stop flying/cheer? That’s like saying -

“My heart was broken once, I’ll never fall in love again - PenelopeB”.

No! Instead, I’ll take my time, heal, and proceed with caution.

4th grade (Throwback)

Cheerleading is dangerous. Concussions, broken bones, fractures and sadly, sometimes some injuries cheerleaders can not come back from. It takes a lot of heart and courage. So here I am, realizing I have 3 more weeks to sit out and work on my confidence all over again while I prepare for another comeback. In the meantime, I'll support my teammates and prepare for what's to come (Smiley face)

11th grade

Quotes of the day:

“Attitude is a little something that makes a BIG difference!"

7th grade UCA camp

“The trying time is no time to quit trying”

“It’s important to face our challenges and the most difficult changes” - it’s growth

"No athlete is truly tested until they’ve starred an injury in the face and came out on the other side stronger than ever"



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