Take nothing for granted...

We all have that one activity we love that makes us happy, for some it's art, a sport, makeup tutorials, tiktoks .... Know what I mean? Wellllll dance, It's kinda like my whole life. I've been really open about what dance means to me. For months, I danced ballet over 28hrs a week, made time for contemporary classes too. I remember missing out on personal activities with friends, trips - even me time. You know? It's Saturday morning, you really want to sleep in but instead you have to grab a hair net, pin your hair into a bun and squeeze into a leotard. Yeah, sort of took those things for granted, I guess.

Here it is ... I hurt my knee really bad in January during a ballet class. Dance has been a lot harder and painful, Physical therapy has taken up my dance days. (But it has been helping). It took me a while to realize that pushing through the pain would not make the pain go away. I pushed, and pushed until I was told, I needed to take a break and allow my knee to heal. I had to withdraw from full-time ballet school in the end of February. I miss my friends, I miss my routine... It's hard. I value the art of dance so much, and how much it has helped me, because it has.

The moral of my short story is, dance was a normal part of my routine. I danced everyday for at least 7 hours a day - that's changed. Contemporary dance is the only class I am taking for now, once a week (even a short class is tough to get through without the pain) It's tough. Dance has helped me through some tough times. Missing toe nails, blisters, sore muscles all of those things dancers complain about.... I would give anything to replace my injury with any of those.

I can not stop and will not stop dancing.

If you find yourself struggling through a tough time (s). Don't get discouraged. Life has a funny way of putting detours in our lives, be patient till you get back on the right path.

Love, Penelope


"Don't suck. You're amazing, believe that"

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