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My personal mission is to continue to spread hope. I believe kids/teens tend to get caught up in believing  in the social media "perfection" world . The truth is, no one is perfect. I promise you, we all go through our own personal struggles. I want to help others, especially kids my age or younger experiencing life difficulties to understand our own individual value/worth.


 They say "hurt people, hurt people" but I'd like to change that. For me personally, my pain caused by others, inspires me to be an even kinder human. I'd like to see hurt people, help people. It makes me feel so good to also get kids my age and younger involved in community outreach, because while we all have our own individual struggles, there is a world of many others who can use our help and blessings. 

I hope you check out my PenelopeB Foundation Inc. tab and Project Quince tab to learn more about my outreach efforts.

Xo, PenelopeB


My vision and goal is to bring awareness to the struggles kids/teens face.

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